A Game Changer for Commercial Drone Operators

The world is changing. The way we live is changing and the future of work has arrived. The commercial drone market is right at the forefront of change but it has been throttled by overwhelming regulatory requirements. CrossChecks is a pioneering software tool that reinvents the way Commercial RPAS Operations are managed in South Africa. Our purpose is to simplify the compliance process and free up Aviation Industry leaders from the day-to-day paperwork drag so they can get on with creating the as yet unimagined. As the founders of CrossChecks, we have jumped through the hoops, burnt our fingers and learnt the lessons. We do what we do so that you can benefit from our experience.

Crosschecks is the real deal – a complete, interactive packaged solution designed to manage ROC operations in South Africa. Our systems manage your pilots and assets, storing all your essential documents in one place and providing the right information when it is needed.

What we Offer

Track Alert and Reporting Icon

Track, Alert & Report

Keeping track of crew licensing, aircraft documentation, certificates and time till maintenance has never been simpler.

Track, Alert & Report

  • Track company, aircraft, pilot and maintenance documentation and expiry dates
  • Receive advance expiry alerts & notifications
  • Access automatic electronic flight folios and battery logs Flight data automatically filters to all reports on completing a flight.
  • Stay 100% up-to-date all of the time.
Plan and Fly Icon

Plan & Fly

A fast and efficient online planning process where everything is kept in one place.

Plan & Fly

  • Interactive map & airspace info.
  • Valid pilot, aircraft & battery selection.
  • Repeatable missions.
  • Approvals & limitations taken into account.
  • Electronic risk assessment & checklists.
  • Automatic weather & NOTAMS.
  • Hours, reports and folios auto-updated on completion.
Dashboard and Notices Icon


With all operational data available at a click - save time, save money & grow your business.


  • Flight information is always up-to-date.
  • Instantly filter reports for the data you need.
  • Easily access files, documents & flight packs stored online.
  • Keep in touch and up to date with internal messaging & Red Tag Notices.
  • Customise document fields & checklists.
  • Scale your operations with CrossChecks Teams.
Quality and Safety Management Icon

Safety & Quality Management

Integrates quality and safety into everyday operations. Achieve total compliance, effortlessly.

Safety & Quality Management

  • In-built system checks give a no-fly status for expired aircraft & pilots.
  • No-Fly assets cannot be selected for use.
  • Simple defect & hazard reporting.
  • Red Tag and Safety notices.
  • Risk mitigation and hazard analysis.
  • Coming soon – full QMS/SMS Module with customisable audit, review, meeting and training capability.

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