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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you do. We have already drafted a comprehensive electronic record-keeping policy and procedure for you to insert into your RPAS Operations Manual. And if you need help with the amendment, we can do that too!

We will give you a spreadsheet to complete and a nest of folders to upload all the necessary documents into. Once you have completed and shared this, we will have you ready to roll in 12 to 24 hours, depending on the size of the company.

The reporting section is extremely user-friendly in that it allows you to define the parameters and select criteria for the report you want, including real-time monitoring of all pilot and asset documents and expiry dates.  Information is drawn through from completed missions to immediately update aircraft flight folios, hours till maintenance and battery logs.  The system also has a Missions Report where you can access exact usage for any aircraft, pilot, client, flight type or site that you require and use it for billing purposes.

Certainly and especially in this new era of limited travel and video meetings. Provided your CAA POI is happy to run an online audit, the CrossChecks Admin can create a temporary Guest User role at your request that will allow your auditor to view the documents, flight folios and planning packs they require.

We’ve got you covered for that – just download our free App from the Google or Apple store. You can use the mobile app to download your planned missions and execute them offline. When you’re back in civilization, your mission’s data can simply be synced back to the Web App.

Lots! 30 minutes per flight, just on the planning and execution. For example, if you are an operator conducting one flight a day, CrossChecks will save you 3 working days of admin per month! Check out our video here

CrossChecks uses AWS. The security, privacy and backup of your data is of utmost importance to us!