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It’s simple, we save you time and money while keeping you compliant. 

CrossChecks streamlines your planning and admin processes – saving you time and freeing up valuable resources to focus on what is most important in a successful business – the bottom line.

A truly unique product, CrossChecks has achieved the seemingly impossible by being both an effective business management tool and a total compliance guru.

It’s time to step out of the filing room and into the future.

Let the Statistics speak for themselves

Flight Ops Management

Good riddance to Excel spreadsheets and giant whiteboards.
  • Track expiry dates for Company, Personnel and Asset documents and licences.
  • Store, manage and archive all documents in online files.
  • Flight Accessory tracking monitors expiries for items such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers and handheld radios.
  • Three-phase alerting by colour-code, alert icon and email notification.
  • Alerts for upcoming expiries are triggered from 90 days prior, so that approvals, licences, ratings and certificates can be timeously renewed.
  • A No-Fly status for expired items is automatically allocated.
  • Built-in quality control means that flights can not be executed without the mandatory info or attaching the permission documents.

Dashboard and Notices

The Executive Summary
  • The dashboard offers a graphical user interface that organises and displays important information at a glance.
  • Useful links directly to the CAA, CAMU and Weather sites.
  • Alert icons for new notices, hazards reported and upcoming expiry dates.
  • A list of aircraft and pilots with a no-fly status.
  • A notice board with intra-Company communication, including Safety & RedTag Notices.


Unleash the power of data
  • Up-to-the-minute status on all expiry dates for all aircraft and pilots.
  • Electronic Flight Folios and Battery Logs are updated instantly when a mission is complete.
  • Flight time, battery percentages and defect reports are recorded.
  • Date ranges and filters ensure you get exactly the info you need.
  • Short-cuts allow you to access user and aircraft documents directly from the report.
  • Use the complete Mission Report to manage client billing.
  • Instant & accurate data to make better decisions, analyse performance and improve the way you grow.

Aircraft, asset and maintenance tracking

Organised, accessible, simple
  • Store, manage and track all aircraft and asset documentation and expiries in one place and with ease.
  • Each flight accumulates flight time and cycles on aircraft and batteries used.
  • Customised asset fields mean that you can keep track of every aspect of your operation, from cameras to cars.
  • Track dates and flying hours for scheduled maintenance.
  • Easily report aircraft defects and assign no-fly/fly status to aircraft.
  • Capture and store completed maintenance activities and easily note information in flight folios.
  • Automatically generated flight folios and battery logs.
  • FULL Maintenance Module coming soon.

Personnel and Pilot Tracking

Goodbye box files! Hello instant access!
  • Instant access to any licence, certificate or qualification with electronic pilot files.
  • POPIA compliant access to personal information.
  • The active pilot board is automatically kept 100% up to date all of the time.
  • The 3-phase alert system allows plenty of time to manage renewals.
  • The system will automatically assign a no-fly status to pilots with missing or expired documentation.


A clever way to group and manage task-specific operations.
  • Easily create teams and assign personnel and assets to them.
  • Teams have access to their team-specific assets and personnel.-

Flight Planning

Created by pilots, for pilots!

  • A fast and efficient mission planning and execution process, where everything is kept in one place.
  • Simple process flows avoid duplication.
  • Select aircraft, pilot and batteries from a drop-down list of available assets.
  • Save more time – the Repeatable Missions feature stores your planning to use again and again.
  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality allows you to attach supporting documents such as landowner permissions or flight plans.
  • Interactive map with airspace information.
  • The user-friendly Risk Assessment guides you through identifying hazards, assigning probability and severity and applying a mitigation.
  • Emergency contact information is automatically added and available on site.
  • Quick and easy mission execution with online checklists, hazard and defect reporting.
  • On screen signing keeps it simple.
  • Weather on site and relevant NOTAMS are automatically drawn and stored in the flight pack.
  • Flight folios and battery log entries are automatically updated and flight packs are stored the moment you click complete.
  • iOS and Android Mobile App available for offline mission execution when there’s no signal.


Do things right, every time, the first time!

  • Select from our pre-loaded checklists or customise your own.
  • Mark off items with a simple click on either our web or mobile app.
  • Sign off checklists electronically.

Built-in Safety and Quality Management

Safety simplified

Safety and Quality measures your actual compliance against the Regulations and your Operating Manual. Our solution seamlessly integrates the basic tasks of quality and safety management into everyday operations.

  • Flight information is automatically filtered into the relevant reports and folios, so everything is up-to-date, up-to-the-minute.
  • Hazards are sent instantly to the Safety Officer as soon as they are submitted.
  • Reports can be generated by selecting a multitude of filters and facets.
  • The system tracking is designed to eliminate the human error factor.

QMS / SMS Module

The whole nine yards!

As a stand-alone audit module for any aviation organisation, or as a fully integrated Quality & Safety system to your CrossChecks OS, the QMS/SMS is guaranteed to lighten your workload!

  • Our QMS/SMS module has been developed to comply with ICAO, ISO9001 and SACAA requirements and has been designed to simplify process flows and eliminate repetition.
  • Plan your Annual Audit Schedule, Safety Meetings, Reviews and Training events.
  • Create a library of your unique audit forms and checklist templates.
  • Select and add a form to your scheduled or ad hoc event.
  • Execute your audits online and let the system create your non-compliance report.
  • The data for each event – planning, execution, and post event editing – remains in one place where it is easily accessible.
  • Non-Compliance Reports and Follow-Up Action are drawn directly to NCR and FUP Registers.
  • Meetings have agendas, attendance registers, minutes and follow-up action.
  • Track the Management of Change with a built-in risk assessment and management review.
  • Minutes and reports can be emailed directly from the Event form.
  • Plan your Annual Safety and Quality Objectives and manage your progress against Performance Indicators.
  • Hazard/Incident/Accident Register tracks the process from report to completion.
  • Registers are interactive with multiple filters to create a myriad of useful reports.
  • Storage and tracking of QMS related documentation.

Maintenance Management


As fully integrated maintenance system to your CrossChecks OS, CrossCheck Maintenance Management facilitates BARS compliance for maintenance requirements.

  • Track and manage all aircraft and assets, including maintenance history, current status and upcoming maintenance tasks.

  • Create, assign and track maintenance job cards and customisable maintenance checklists per aircraft registration and type.

  • Maintenance checklists completed electronically, featuring automated Release to Service Certificates.

  • Conduct battery maintenance.

  • Automatically generated maintenance register with filtering functionality, including coloured pie charts for an instant visual of the data.

  • RMT Logbook.

  • Proactively identify and monitor trends, with parts replacement tracking


Easily log a support query via the mobile or web app and we will assist you as quickly as we can, around the clock 365 days of the year.

Coming Soon

We believe in continuous improvement and the CrossChecks team is already in the process of adding modules to include a document hub, AOC and ATO and Training Solutions and so much more. Changes in legislation and new requirements that affect the way you do things will be updated on the system without delay and we will constantly work towards the Unicorn – one programme that does it all.

Where we're Going

We are always growing and developing new features. Here’s a sneak peek at our plans for the future.

Dec 2021

iOS and Android app for mission control completed


Dec 2021

November 2022

Fully integrated Quality and Safety Modules


November 2022

July 2023

Automatically generated Pilot logbooks


July 2023

January 2024

Maintenance Tracking Module


January 2024
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Internal Direct Messaging

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Aviation Training Organisation Module

Logo without writing

OPening up the RPAS platform to the rest of africa

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Document Hub & Library

Logo without writing

Additional modules to include manned aviation and small to medium AOC’s

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Modify for the
International Market

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